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Artist Daniel Parry has been commissioned to design and create exclusive Archival Etched Glass products
for many of the world's largest licensing entities, corporations, and celebrities including -
Disney, Major League Baseball, NFL, NBA, NHL, Baseball Hall of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Fame,
Hockey Hall of Fame, U.S Armed Forces (Army,Navy,Air Force,Marines), Team Canada 1972, Coca-Cola,
NRA, Parliament Canada, Canada Post, Ford, Pope John Paul II, The Vatican, Empire State Building,
The White House, Barack Obama, KISS, Elvis Presley Enterprises .....

" MAGIC KINGDOM ® " - Archival Etched Glass
Designed and created for Walt Disney World ® by Artist Daniel Parry.
Exclusively available through the Official Disney Store.

" PRESIDENT OBAMA FAREWELL " - Archival Etched Glass
Designed and created by Artist Daniel Parry, featuring -
Archival Etched Glass White House, Barack Obama signature, and quote.

" UNITED STATES ARMY ® " - Archival Etched Glass
Designed and created by Artist Daniel Parry - Officially Licensed by the U.S. Army ®

" EPCOT ® " - 3D Blueprint Archival Etched Glass
Designed and created for Walt Disney World ® by Artist Daniel Parry
to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Epcot ®.
Exclusively available at Epcot ® - Walt Disney World ®.

" PARLIAMENT CANADA " - Archival Etched Glass
Designed and created for The Parliament of Canada by Artist Daniel Parry
to commemorate Canada's 150th Anniversary
Exclusively available at the Official Parliament of Canada Store.

" COLT MODEL - 1911 " - 3D Blueprint Archival Etched Glass
Designed and created for The NRA by Artist Daniel Parry
to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Colt 45.
Exclusively available at The Official NRA Store.

The Exclusive Archival Etched Glass product line features the finest detail (with the unprecedented capabilities of permanently etching and engraving details and lines as fine as .005 mm), as well as the brightest white etching (with a brightness rating of 95). We are also proud to offer our NEW "Metallic Gold" Archival Etched Glass.

Pioneered and created by Artist Daniel Parry, the Archival Etched Glass product line is exclusively available through Daniel Parry International Inc. and its' Official partners.
Based on an exclusive proprietary multi-step etching process, each individual glass panel is individually and meticulously hand-crafted in Canada at the Daniel Parry Studios, making each piece an original work of art. Every individual piece of glass is carefully inspected prior to shipping to ensure absolute quality control and consistency. 

From its inception, Archival Etched Glass has been unparalleled for detail, brightness rating and quality. At Daniel Parry International Inc., the combination of Daniel Parry's Artistic Creativity and years of Scientific Research and Development is the cornerstone to this Exclusive product line.

     "What originally started off as an idea to better display 8x10 signed and unsigned photos has evolved into a brand and business in its own right. I originally created the concept and design to simply compliment an 8x10 photo with an original and innovative frame display. I wanted to include an artistic aspect to the product - something along the lines of a blueprint / architectural style depiction of historic stadiums, arenas, and buildings.

     This original concept has now blossomed from its' modest beginnings to the stage where we have had the honor of being commissioned by and creating exclusive pieces for many of the worlds' most successful and respected corporations and entities in the sports and entertainment industry, including;

Disney World, Disney Land, Disney Cruise Line, Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, the New York Yankees, The Baseball Hall of Fame, The Pro Football Hall of Fame, the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines, the Dallas Cowboys, Team Canada 72, Coca-Cola, the NRA, the Empire State Building, The Highland Mint, KISS, Elvis Presley Enterprises, etc., etc.

Artist and President - Daniel Parry


We are proud to have partnered, designed and created products for many major sports and entertainment licensors, corporations, marketing companies, and celebrities - from initial product design to complete product creation and fulfillment.
If you are interested in partnering or working with Daniel Parry International Inc., or discussing the possibilities,
please contact us at :

email [email protected]
Tel. - (905)309-7449
or contact Artist Daniel Parry directly at - [email protected]