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       A Museum Giclée (pronounced, zhee-clay) is a state-of-the-art Archival Museum Fine Art reproduction that gives the highest quality reproduced work of art possible - next to the original painting. 

      Giclée, a French printmaker's term for "sprayed", was adopted to distinguish the technique from ordinary offset (lithography) printing. It also signifies to the art buyer that the process and materials used to create the print were intended specifically for the Fine Art market. A Giclée is created by a large format digital printer utilizing minute ink jets that spray millions of droplets of archival, water-based inks onto Archival Fine Art Paper or Canvas (known as the substrate). The combination of Archival state-of-the-art inks and substrates are carefully selected to assure maximum print longevity. 

      The main difference between a Museum Giclée and regular offset printing processes is that each Giclée print is created individually (sometimes taking up to an hour per piece to produce). This is due to the intricacy of the process and the high resolution of our digital print being 1,440 dots per inch. Our Museum Giclée Fine Art prints are also produced using between an 8-12 color channel printing system (producing a much wider color gamut - with incredible detail, depth and color saturation).

      In contrast, the basic offset (lithography) printing process mass produces hundreds of prints a minute at a far lower resolution of 300 dots per inch - using the standard 4-color printing system (producing far less detail, depth and saturation of color). The Archival Papers and Canvas, as well as the Archival Inks used in our Giclée processes far surpass the papers and inks available to the basic offset (lithography) process.

     Whether printed on Archival Fine Art Paper or Canvas, the end result is the highest quality reproduced work of art available - as close to the look and feel of the original painting as is possible.

     Artist Daniel Parry personally proofs and approves each Museum Giclée Fine Art Print before signing and releasing the piece.

     Each Daniel Parry Museum Giclée Limited Edition comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Daniel Parry International Inc. guaranteeing it has been created using the highest quality Archival standards.