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Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope X-Wing Fighters - Museum Canvas ™ Special Edition

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  • Museum Canvas™ UV-protective finish print 
  • "The ultimate protection for your investment." - Archival lifetime protection from damaging UV (ultra violet) light, moisture, dust, fingerprints, and scratches.
  • Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope "X-Wing Fighters" - Museum Canvas™ print.
  • International Museum Gallery™ framing featuring a contemporary Satin Gallery frame with a Rebel Alliance Insignia.
  • Large Frame size - 2.25 ft x 3.25 ft (27" x 39")
  • Also included - Engraved Museum descriptive placard - can be displayed in the classic museum style presentation (beside or below your framed Museum Canvas™), or can be stored for safe keeping on the back of the frame.
  • Certificate of Authenticity provided by Daniel Parry International Inc. and The International Museum Gallery