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Daniel Parry International Inc. -

"Product Design Innovation" -
Through years of Scientific Research and Development, Daniel Parry International Inc. has created the exclusive Archival Etched Glass™ and Archival Etched Matboard™ product lines. These unprecedented and proprietary brands are exclusively available through Daniel Parry International Inc. and it's Official partners. Both product lines feature unparalleled pure-white artwork and graphics flawlessly etched and engraved into the surface of the respective substrates. We have also created numerous other exclusive product lines including NHL Ice Effects™ and the 3D Archival Etched Glass™ Blueprint. We are extremely proud to have partnered with and/or been commissioned to design and create exclusive products for many of the world's largest licensing entities, corporations, and celebrities including -

Disney, Major League Baseball, NFL, NBA, NHL, Baseball Hall of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Hockey Hall of Fame, U.S Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines), Team Canada 1972, Coca-Cola, NRA, Parliament Canada, Canada Post, The Highland Mint, The Bradford Exchange, Ford, Pope John Paul II, The Vatican, Empire State Building, The White House, Barack Obama, KISS, Elvis Presley Enterprises.


Archival Etched Glass™ -

The Archival Etched Glass™ product line was designed and created by Artist Daniel Parry and is exclusively available through Daniel Parry International Inc. and its' Official partners.
Based on an Exclusive multi-step etching process, it features the finest etched glass detail (with the capabilities of permanently etching and engraving details and lines as fine as .005 mm), the brightest permanent white etching (with a brightness rating of 92), our exclusive Glass Color Infusion technology, and a worldwide exclusive glass treatment process.
The result is unparalleled detail and clarity along with the unprecedented ability to etch, embed, and fuse color permanently into the glass. Each individual glass panel is meticulously hand-crafted in Canada at the Daniel Parry Studios, making each piece an original work of art.
From its inception, Archival Etched Glass™ has been unparalleled for detail, brightness rating and quality. Our constant dedication and drive to improve and elevate the quality of the Archival Etched Glass™ product line permanently places us as the continued and exclusive Industry Leader.
Artist Daniel Parry -
Canadian Artist Daniel Parry has become one of North America's most recognized and respected artists for both his Fine Art Paintings and Limited Editions, as well his Innovative Product Designs (including the Exclusive - Archival Etched Glass™ and NHL Ice Effects™).
Daniel has been commissioned to create Paintings and Fine Art Limited Editions - endorsed and autographed by Hockey's Greatest Legends including: Wayne Gretzky, Maurice Richard, Jean Beliveau, Bobby Orr, Gordie Howe, Paul Henderson, Team Canada 1972, Phil and Tony Esposito, Johnny Bower, etc. He has also been commissioned to create paintings and Fine Art Limited Editions of numerous Historical figures including: President Barack Obama, Pope John Paul II, Karen Kain (National Ballet of Canada), and Elvis Presley.
He has been commissioned by and/or created exclusive artwork and product designs for many of the world's most successful Corporations and Entities including: Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, The Highland Mint, The World Series of Poker, The NRA, Coca-Cola, The Empire State Building, The Titanic Museum, Canada Post, Tim Hortons, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, The National Ballet of Canada, Team Canada 1972, Ford, The United States Army, The United States Navy, The United States Marine Corps, The United States Air Force, etc.
The Art of Daniel Parry™ and Archival Etched Glass™ products have been Officially Licensed by - Major League Baseball, The National Football League, The National Hockey League, The National Basketball Association, The National Baseball Hall of Fame, The Pro Football Hall of Fame, The Hockey Hall of Fame, NCAA, etc.
Daniel was born in Burlington, Ontario and now resides with his family in Grimsby, Ontario.


Quotes from the Artist -

"It has been a true honor to have had the pleasure of working with many of Hockey's Greatest Legends, as well as numerous Historical figures during my career. It is hard to believe that over the last 20 years, I have worked with names such as Wayne Gretzky, Maurice Richard, Jean Beliveau, Bobby Orr, Paul Henderson, Team Canada 1972, Johnny Bower, etc.

I have been asked many times what is my favorite painting or celebrity that I have worked with, and I can honestly say that it is impossible to choose a favorite painting, moment or experience when you have had the honor of working directly with so many incredible historical figures. Every one of the players and celebrities I have worked with were absolutely genuine, completely down to earth, and a pleasure to work with.

It has always been an incredible privilege to me as an Artist is to have such Legendary figures sign and endorse my artwork, but the fact that they are proud to hang my artwork in their own homes and that they request Limited Edition prints to present to their friends and families - is the greatest compliment any Artist could ask for. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to develop relationships and to have had such wonderful experiences with so many talented individuals through my artwork."


Working with Maurice Richard -
"It was an incredible honour and privilege to have had the opportunity to not only paint Maurice Richard, but to spend a few days with him during the private signings for both "For the Love of the Game" and "Tradition of Excellence".The chance to get to know this Canadian Legend is sure to be one the greatest highlights of my career. It was a very sad day when Maurice Richard passed away ... he was such a great hockey player and ambassador of the sport ... and such a nice man.

Through this painting, I tried to capture his incredible intensity as well as the feel of this classic era in hockey history, when players played "For the Love of the Game". I chose to focus on creating an original dressing room scene featuring many different elements that portrayed the textures, equipment and even clothing of the time. It was important to focus on the old leather tube skates, wool jersey and wooden stick of the time - as well as adding the subtle background elements of the old fedora, dress shoes, shirts and tie.

Presenting the final painting to Maurice for the first time was the highlight for me - especially his appreciation for the originality of the piece and his desire to present copies of the Limited Edition to his family and children. Sitting with Maurice Richard and discussing art, family, and hockey during the signing of the prints is a very special memory to me as an Artist."


Working with Johnny Bower -
"Working extensively with Johnny Bower on a number of different projects over the past 20 years is undoubtedly one of the best experiences of my career. Not only is he one of the warmest and most caring people I have met in business, he is by far one of my favourite people anywhere. I sometimes forget how much of a Hockey legend he is, since my family and I consider him and his wife Nancy to be our very close friends. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Johnny, and more so to be able to call him a friend. Truly an amazing man and incredible ambassador to the game of hockey !!"

Working with Paul Henderson -
"I tried to capture... the celebration, moments after what is arguably one of the greatest moments in Canadian sports history. I wanted to show both the jubilation of the winning - Team Canada, as well as the disappointment the Russian Team must have felt after a very long and hard fought series. I decided to also paint separate vignettes at the bottom of the piece to show Paul Henderson's incredible contribution and accomplishment of scoring the game winning goal in Games six, seven, and eight. I think sometimes people forget that Paul contributed far more than just the Series' winning goal.
I am very proud to have been commissioned to create this Tribute to both Paul Henderson and Team Canada '72. Of all the pieces I have been fortunate enough to have worked on with Paul and the Team - this one was especially memorable as it was the first piece we did together. It was an honor to not only work with Paul, but to also have the opportunity to get to know this true Canadian hero and icon."


Working with Team Canada 1972 -
"I tried to capture... the pride and determination that these great players of Team Canada 72 must have felt while standing at the blue line for their country's national anthem. In the final game of what is now known as the greatest international hockey series in history, these players were not only playing for themselves, but for an entire nation."

"I felt it was very important to capture not only the mood of that particular moment, but also the small details of that time, such as the amount of tape and the curve each player used on their stick as well as the mood and intensity in Russia shown by the military police presence in the crowd. The most satisfying part of this project for me, as the artist, was when the actual players and their wives commented on these small details and the fact that they felt their likenesses and emotions had been captured within this painting.
I am extremely proud to have been a part of this commemorative to one of the most important moments in Canadian sports history. To have had the opportunity to spend time with this incomparable collection of 35 Hockey Legends, as well as having them sign and endorse my work, is truly an honor."

Working with Phil Esposito -
"I tried to capture... this incredibly important moment in the '72 Summit Series, when Phil Esposito showed his true leadership skills as well his Canadian pride through his heartfelt and passionate speech after a disappointing loss in Game 4 in Vancouver. After being routinely booed during and after the game by the Canadian fans, Phil spoke his mind and not only rallied his Team with his speech but also rallied a Nation. The Speech was the turning point in the Series for Team Canada and it's fans. It was a pleasure working with Phil again on yet another project - he is always the consummate professional and a great ambassador to the game."


Partnering with Daniel Parry International Inc. -

We are proud to have partnered, designed and created products for many major sports and entertainment licensors, corporations, marketing companies, and celebrities - from initial product design to complete product creation and fulfillment.
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